Our Paintless Dent Repair Services

Mile High Dents offers fast and reliable paintless dent repair services to customers in Denver, Colorado and its surrounding areas.

We provide professional dent removal services that make your vehicle look like new. Here’s a quick overview of our services:

Paintless Dent Removal

This process is all about using specialized tools and machines to strategically mold your cars’ dented exteriors to their original shape. Our technicians here at Mile High Dents have over 15 years of experience and training in paintless dent removal. Expect them to provide quick and quality work every time.

Hail Repair

Hail is a problem that’s becoming more and more frequent in Colorado. Baseball-sized hailstones traveling at 20 miles per hour can definitely leave gnarly marks on your vehicle’s exteriors. If your car recently got pelted hard by a hailstorm, we’ll help you get rid of the dents it left behind.

Door Ding Repair

Door dings are hard to avoid, especially if you use public parking. A careless passenger or driver opening their door next to your vehicle can easily cause an unsightly dent in your car. We’ll help you get rid of these dings without having to repaint or replace your vehicle’s panels.

Give Us a Call

Want to get a free estimate? Have any questions about our repair and claims process? Don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re more than happy to coordinate with you.

Mile High Dents offers expert paintless dent repair services in Colorado. Contact us today to keep your car exterior in tip-top shape.


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